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Stoned in BC | Part One

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We are strong believers that every Canadian who requires medical and recreational mushrooms should have easy access to it. We want to do everything in our power to make sure that our customers get the very best access to the very best medical mushrooms that Canada has to offer. Ultimately, we love high grade shrooms and all of its derivatives and we enjoy sharing it with our customers and friends that are in need. Magic mushrooms are a completely natural fungal species with immense therapeutic and medicinal values. Naturally cultivated and thoroughly packaged following proper hygienic standards, magic mushrooms are eaten by getting them mixed into food or drinks, although some people eat magic mushrooms raw. Buymyshroomonline was founded in 2019 . I had a great experience with magic mushrooms alongside all its effects, so I felt like I needed to share the experience. Buying your magic mushrooms just anywhere, especially on the streets isn’t safe for you. Our online platform; comes onboard to alleviate issues of safety, quality as well as untimely availability associated with magic mushrooms. The overall operation of starts by knowing our suppliers; their ways of cultivation, handling and packaging to ensure that they’re doing it the best way. First, our brand takes pride in safety and standard hygiene of our magic mushrooms. So when you order from us online, you’re sure of buying magic mushrooms that is absolutely safe for your consumption. When processing and handling our magic mushrooms, we employ high standard food safety precautionary measures; affirmed by our suppliers. We ensure that magic mushrooms are guarded against contaminations, unsafe handling, among other food safety issues. Secondly, our prime focus is on quality. We ensure that our magic mushrooms are properly groomed and well packaged from harvesting to final product, towards ensuring that the value chain of the magic mushrooms remain unbroken. With our very experienced and dedicated staff, we focus on making you have the best delivery experience for your magic mushrooms orders. No more logistics challenge all the way. We value customer feedback so much. So we would love to read about all of our customers thoughts and share their personal experiences with the community on our news portion of our website. Have a safe and spiritual experience. – Mike This gift of nature contains psilocybin, a psychedelic compound, that will alter your thoughts and emotions. You’ll experience a change in the world around you. Are Magic Mushrooms dangerous? The risk is small, some users are accidentally poisoned from eating the poisonous variety, others combine magic mushrooms with a substance of abuse or other medication. How does it taste? When taken raw it has an earthy flavour and a rubbery texture, can be dry. How do you take it? They are taken fresh or dried out, others make tea and some mix them to make tasteful treats. Can you get addicted? Magic mushrooms are not addictive you can opt out without any side effects. But like LSD you become tolerant to the effects quickly and need to take more in your next trip. Impairment? Psilocybe mushrooms can sometimes cause temporary impairment in coordination and cognitive abilities as your optimal dosage is being determined. – For the first 4 weeks of your regimen, do not drive or operate heavy machinery for four hours after taking a dose. Do not drive or operate machinery if impaired or uncomfortable in any way. Keep Away From Children. Psilocybe is a potent medicine, even at the microdose level. Keep the capsules away from children and pets.